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Falcomm aims to be the industry standard for power amplifiers and front-end-modules.

One of the biggest challenges for wireless communication is transmitter power and efficiency. In most transceiver designs, power amplifiers dominate the overall transmitter efficiency and thermal performance. It is extremely difficult to transmit a signal efficiently over the air at RF/mm-Wave. To solve this, we developed an ultra-efficient silicon-based power amplifier for wireless communication applications called the Dual-Drive™ power amplifier. Our new, patented technology increases the theoretical maximum efficiency limits of amplifiers beyond 78.5%; therefore, no other amplifier can be as efficient as our Dual-Drive™ technology. Our silicon-proven technology reaches a world record drain efficiency approaching 65% at 28GHz. Our amplifier technology can be employed by base station, cellphone, and radar manufacturers and decrease their thermal management and energy cost and ease their overall system requirements.


Benefits of our technology: 

  • Best in class efficiency
  • Plug and Play
  • Frequency and process agnostic
  • Small silicon footprint
  • 50 Ohm matching
  • Lower thermal management cost
  • Silicon proven technology
  • Design flow that accurately models within 2% of measurements
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