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Dual-Drive™ Technology:

Falcomm’s patented Dual-Drive™ power amplifier was validated in a commercial CMOS SOI platform, obtaining world record efficiencies. Falcomm’s unique proprietary power amplifiers outperforms all other commercial solutions available in the market. Falcomm’s technology is also available in other silicon platforms, such as GaAs, GaN, SiGe, and bulk CMOS.

  • 28GHz prototype
  • 2-Stage PAE 53%
  • 1-Stage PAE 56%
  • 0.5x silicon area reduction
  • Dual-Drive™ core drain efficiency 62%
  • Drain efficiency at device output 70% (0.5dB balun loss)
  • 34% PAE at 64QAM (-25dB EVM, 14.1dBm avg. power)
  • 1.6V to 2.0V supply without efficiency degradation

Space Communications

Whether you need more output signal strength or you need to decrease battery consumption, our PAs are your answer. 



Stay connected with your devices at increased range or increase a device’s battery life by up to 30% using our PAs to increase your wireless technology’s core efficiency.



Increase signal range and decrease power consumption in our effort to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. 



We create full turn-key solutions, from your specifications to silicon. Our expertise spans RF/mmWave across CMOS, GaN, GaAs, and SiGe platforms. Our proprietary IP includes LNAs, T/R switches, TRx with beam steering capabilities, on-chip antennas, and the world’s most efficient power amplifiers.

We also have the capabilities for testing, verification, and qualification due to our access to GlobalFoundries, Qorvo, Wolfspeed, and other leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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