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Helium-3 Ventures

Helium-3 Ventures is a firm dedicated to backing founders who are building exciting and innovative companies that could have a large impact on Earth and beyond. Their partners have a collective 50+ years of investing experience and bring a deep network of potential customers, distribution partners, suppliers, and influential branding ambassadors across industries and geographies. 

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Berkeley SkyDeck

Berkeley SkyDeck offers all the benefits of a traditional accelerator coupled with the vast resources of one of the top public universities in the United States. It was formed as a partnership between UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research. SkyDeck provides a constructive, vibrant

ecosystem including an intricate network of advisors, industry partners and accredited investors, which allows SkyDeck to offer a powerful environment for startups to grow and launch. 


Little Green Bamboo

Little Green Bamboo is an evergreen fund designed to help the companies they invest in learn, recognize options, and better make choices by leveraging the perspectives of their community. Their priority service is to provide opportunities for networking and education. They also offer resources for fundraising, human resources, strategy, branding, and technology. To Little Green Bamboo, an investment is a commitment that they see themselves standing behind at every step of the journey. 


Asymmetry Ventures

Asymmetry Ventures is a firm dedicated to investing in early-stage companies that are scalable and easily defensible. The firm seeks to invest in a myriad of seed-stage to early-stage companies across a wide variety of fields.

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