Falcomm provides

ultra-efficient solid-state power amplifiers for the wireless communication markets and beyond.

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The world deserves more efficiency.

Power amplifier startup Falcomm to close $4M

taking on Qualcomm and Broadcom

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The Next Frontier in Power Amplification

With a compound annual growth rate of ~12 percent, the $16 billion PA market is one of the main driving forces enabling the advancement in wireless communication systems. Falcomm is working toward radically improving PA products for the wireless communications market. 

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Who We Are

Falcomm is a fabless semiconductor company on a mission to provide the most energy efficient power amplifier products for hardware manufacturers in the wireless communication market. After many decades without substantial innovation in power amplifier technology, we have developed a new class of solid-state power amplifiers, called the dual-drive™ PA. Our technology represents a breakthrough in the search for an ultra-efficient power amplifier that will allow people with mobile connected devices to spend less time looking for a charger and allow telecommunication operators and satellite companies to lower their operational expenses.

Services We Offer

We create full turn-key solutions, from your specifications to silicon. Our expertise spans RF/mmWave across CMOS, GaN, GaAs, and SiGe platforms. Our proprietary IP includes LNAs, T/R switches, TRx with beam steering capabilities, on-chip antennas, and the world’s most efficient power amplifiers.

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